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After the death of his sister, Thomas collapses into a coma and wakes in a mind-bending dreamworld filled with strange objects, horrifying creatures, and constant danger. Though each minute spent in this place inches Thomas towards insanity, he must push ahead in order to learn the secrets of his sister’s death - and himself.

Half Dead is a horror-adventure game with a twisted and unsettling atmosphere and an unpredictable environment. Inspired by games such as Witch’s House and Ib, Half Dead features an ever-changing landscape that inches towards insanity. With danger at every turn, you must use your wit to navigate this unforgiving place and stay alive.

Features 4 different endings.

Currently in version 1.1.5

StatusIn development
Average sessionAbout an hour


Half Dead 1.1.5.zip 255 MB

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so far, I have fallen in love with this game. Its been so much fun so far and am looking forward to what this game will become.  

Heres my gameplay if you wanna check it out


I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I loved the video, thanks so much.

Found a problem with the game, in the section where you have to put the batteries in the toy. The sound file HM.1 Beep is missing and thus crashes the game. I was able to continue by copy and pasting another .ogg sound file and renaming it as HM.1 Beep, but still it's something that needs to be fixed asap.

Fixed in 1.1.1

Thanks for letting me know.

i couldnt figure out the room with the skull i try to look for some playthrough to help me out but theres not a lot but it was a great game and great story plot i love it a lot keep it up


Yea that puzzle’s still being worked on, it’s kinda confusing atm. If you want I can PM you how to solve the puzzle.  Anyways, I’m glad you enjoyed my game!


Sure I would love that <333 thank you so much and I do love the puzzle and the art style its unique ♥

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Not sure if there’s a way to PM on itch, so I’ll just delete this comment as soon as you respond. You’re supposed to drop the skull down the hole in the room. This puzzle, and a few more after it, are really confusing in the version you have. I'd recommend just downloading the newest version (just uploaded it) and replay it, as the puzzles are more refined +There’s more content.

In regards to the skull puzzle, a solution might be to allow the player to look down the hole.
I found it simple after jumping down the hole for my first time after a few deaths to the grey plate, when I fell down I recognised the area and realised where the skull was landing.

I've considered adding that myself! As soon as I have the time I'll add it and see how well it works.


Interesting so far, curious of many things that are going on.

Hey, thanks so much for trying it out! It was so awesome to watch! I watched a few of your other videos, and they’re great, Just subbed. If you do keep playing there are a few bugs you’ll probably experience, nothing game breaking, but kinda annoying.